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Established in 2018 by Loren Redd, James Morreale, and Emile Buccola, Redd Ridge Consulting provides a service to Midstream customers and vendors.  The need for a big picture leader on site; that will effectively bring the customer and vendor together which results in improved startup times,  increased efficiency, and reduced costs, is the driving force for Redd Ridge Consulting. 

Redd Ridge has grown to a team of 9, with over 200 years of combined professional and technical experience. The team is highly qualified and skilled in multiple areas including but not limited to:

 Startup and Commissioning, PSM, Engineering and Design, I&E, Contract Operations, and Turboexpanders


Core values

S     Safety

E     Excellence

R     Respect

V     Versatility

E      Ethical Practices

Loren Redd has over 25 years of experience in Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Troubleshooting, Start Up, Commissioning, Operations, and Management of Gas Processing, Treating, and Transportation.  His experience along with technical skills have been utilized in over 80 processing and treating facilities in the last 16 years which have all resulted in higher performance, reduced delays, schedule recovery, and significant cost savings for customers.  Loren’s Operational experience and expertise allow him to lead all aspects of a project as well as to focus on the efforts of everyone involved by developing a common direction and goal.  He has proven to be a valuable resource for the Mid-Stream industry.

Loren Redd


Emile J. Buccola Jr. has over 30 years experience in Manufacturing and Business Management to include Commercial Cooking and Refrigeration Equipment, Gas Processing and Treating Equipment, and Power Generation Equipment. His professional interest focus on Employee Engagement, Process Improvement, Customer Service, Efficiency Gains, Inventory Control and Lean Manufacturing Principles. EJ has a proven record of increasing Profit and Loss by improving Safety, Quality, and On Time Deliveries. EJ’s education includes majoring in Business Administration and Industrial Controls from Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Louisiana and is professionally trained in Lean Methodologies.

Emile Buccola Jr.

Vice President

James  Morreale grew up in rural Maine and at 19 joined the Navy where he served our great country for 6 years. He then went to work for Canrig Technologies and got his first taste of oil and gas servicing anything from instrumentation to hydraulic systems on natural gas drilling rigs all over Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. James then ventured into the production world exposing himself to Mafi-Trench turbo expanders which later became Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench turbo expanders where he served as Field Service Engineer. This job took him from small town Texas to anywhere in the world from rural China to Siberia repairing and commissioning both magnetic and oil bearing turbo expanders. His next adventure was joining the Exterran Commissioning and Start up team. James quickly excelled in learning the ropes of gas process and treating plants and developed a true passion for it. This passion led to him joining up with Loren and Emile to create the Redd Ridge Consulting partnership.

James Morreale

Vice President